Miguel is a chilean photographer with a visual communication complex.
After finishing college studies in Fine Arts in his homeland, he has participated in several projects which involved installations, photography, fine arts and performance. Furthermore, Miguel has taken part in several exhibitions in the cities of Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Berlin; where he is based since 2011 and pursues a career in the fields of communication and web design.
Miguel finds himself working on his master degree in Visual Communication at the Berlin-Wei├čensee Kunsthochschule. He currently develops a project which involves gender theory, photography and design.
As when it comes to the most of his experience, it has been gathered in the areas of editorial design, fashion, corporate identity and photography retouching, always regarding his strong background in Fine Arts.
If something can define his interdisciplinary work, it would most definitely be his intellectual approach and well-founded knowledge of references applied. Such combination certainly has produced, and continues to produce, unique, unexpected and interesting results.